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All Skype for Business 2015 Cmdlets and the Default RBAC Roles That Can Use Them

December 23rd, 2016 2 comments


In All Lync 2013 Cmdlets and the Default RBAC Roles That Can Use Them and the corresponding 2010 version, I show a table that lists every cmdlet available in a fully patched Lync server environment, and the default permissions for each of the default RBAC roles. Doing one for Skype for Business was always on my list, but I never really got around to it until a visitor recently noted that some of the RBAC permissions changed for existing cmdlets when compared to the Lync Server 2013 list. So I figured it was time to do a new one. The previous versions were all manually created – every row. That was extremely laborious, taking many hours. This time around I automated the info gathering using (what else), PowerShell. This gave me all of the data in a .csv file, and three minutes of styling in Excel, and presto!

One thing I did notice is that there is a small group of cmdlets that don’t yet have a description, synopsis, uri, etc. So you’ll see those blank cells highlighted in bright red for now. I’ve reached out to the Product Group for info on when that info will be available. As soon as I have an answer, I’ll get it posted here.

So the spreadsheet is available below, but what good would a blog article be without some PowerShell code? So here’s the code I came up with to create the spreadsheet.

$objectCollection = @()
foreach ($cmdlet in (Get-Command -Module SkypeForBusiness | Sort-Object -Property Name)){
  Write-Output -InputObject $cmdlet
  $cmdletHelp = $(Get-Help -Name $cmdlet)
  [string] $Synopsis = $cmdletHelp.Synopsis
  [string] $URI = (($cmdletHelp.relatedLinks.navigationLink | Where-Object {$_.linkText -match 'Online Version'}).uri) -replace 'EN-US/',''
  [string] $RBAC = "Get-CsAdminRole | Where-Object {`$`_.Cmdlets `-imatch `"$cmdlet`"}"
  $rbacroles = Get-CsAdminRole | Where-Object {$_.Cmdlets -imatch "$cmdlet"}

  [bool] $RbacCSAdministrator = $rbacroles.identity -icontains 'CSAdministrator'
  [bool] $RbacCSVoiceAdministrator = $rbacroles.identity -icontains 'CSVoiceAdministrator'
  [bool] $RbacCSUserAdministrator = $rbacroles.identity -icontains 'CSUserAdministrator'
  [bool] $RbacCSResponseGroupAdministrator = $rbacroles.identity -icontains 'CSResponseGroupAdministrator'
  [bool] $RbacCSLocationAdministrator = $rbacroles.identity -icontains 'CSLocationAdministrator'
  [bool] $RbacCSArchivingAdministrator = $rbacroles.identity -icontains 'CSArchivingAdministrator'
  [bool] $RbacCSViewOnlyAdministrator = $rbacroles.identity -icontains 'CSViewOnlyAdministrator'
  [bool] $RbacCSServerAdministrator = $rbacroles.identity -icontains 'CSServerAdministrator'
  [bool] $RbacCSHelpDesk = $rbacroles.identity -icontains 'CSHelpDesk'
  [bool] $RbacCSResponseGroupManager = $rbacroles.identity -icontains 'CSResponseGroupManager'
  [bool] $RbacCSPersistentChatAdministrator = $rbacroles.identity -icontains 'CSPersistentChatAdministrator'

  $object = [PSCustomObject]@{
    'Cmdlet' = $cmdlet
    'Description' = $Synopsis
    'Uri' = $Uri
    'Validate' = $rbac
    'CSAdministrator' = $RbacCSAdministrator
    'CSArchivingAdministrator' = $RbacCSArchivingAdministrator
    'CSHelpDesk' = $RbacCSHelpDesk
    'CSLocationAdministrator' = $RbacCSLocationAdministrator
    'CSPersistentChatAdministrator' = $RbacCSPersistentChatAdministrator
    'CSResponseGroupAdministrator' = $RbacCSResponseGroupAdministrator
    'CsResponseGroupManager' = $RbacCSResponseGroupManager
    'CSServerAdministrator' = $RbacCSServerAdministrator
    'CSUserAdministrator' = $RbacCSUserAdministrator
    'CSViewOnlyAdministrator' = $RbacCSViewOnlyAdministrator
    'CSVoiceAdministrator' = $RbacCSVoiceAdministrator
  $objectCollection += $object 
$objectCollection | Export-Csv -Path $env:UserProfile\desktop\SfB2015cmdlets.csv -NoTypeInformation -Encoding UTF8



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v1.1 – 03-01-2018 (through CU5) – SfB2015cmdletsCU5.xlsx

v1.0 – 12-23-2016 – SkypeForBusiness2015cmdlets.xlsx