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Changelog: Set-Lync2010Features.ps1

This is the changelog page for Set-Lync2010Features.ps1. You will find a complete list of released versions, their dates, and the features and issues addressed in each. Please refer to the script’s main page for more information including download links, installation details, and more.

v5.3 – 12-23-2011

  1. Added requirements for Front End and Director servers to support Mobility. This includes the Dynamic Compression Windows 2008 feature.

v5.2 – 08-17-2011

  1. Added option (& related Get-Webpage function) to download trial version of Lync (just opens a browser to the site)
  2. Added option to restrict feature availability to Standard CAL

v5.1 – 07-26-2011

  1. Detect if Lync is installed before installing some utilities and tools
  2. DSR loopback adapter option added
  3. Lync Server Updates option was updated to represent the 07-25-2011 release per KB 2493736
  4. Menu was split into pre/post install tasks, with post install tasks only visible if Lync Server is detected on the box

v5.0 – 07-25-2011

  1. added “Find Lync Versions” and related .Net 4 installer
  2. added functions for creating shortcuts and unzipping files
  3. added function for “Windows Media Format Runtime” (per http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2522454)
  4. some variable cleanup
  5. some error checking
  6. added function to run installation routines. This makes it easier to do consistent screen output (menu)
  7. cleaned up variable removal when exiting
  8. Installation of Silverlight
  9. Updated installation of Visual C++ Redistributable to latest version (per MS11-025)
  10. added option to enable federation with Office365

v4.2 – 05-26-2011

  1. updated function to allow downloading files to different folders and different names
  2. added OWA / Lync integration feature

v4.1 – 05-01-2011

  1. added group membership check (checks for local admin, CSAdmin* and RTCUniv* only)
  2. added 04-20-2011 “Lync Server update download”
  3. added chm file download and install & shortcut
  4. added standalone AV server prereq option
  5. added PowerShell transcript
  6. added backup current config

v4.0 – 04-06-2011

  1. added Visual C++ option
  2. added Stress and Performance Tool
  3. added Disable IPv6
  4. added “IM an Expert”
  5. added Windows Update
  6. lots of code cleanup

v3.0 Р02-2011 by St̴le Hansen (http://msunified.net)

v1.0 – 11/27/2009

  1. initial version
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