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Update Rollup 1 (UR1) for Exchange Server 2007 SP2 Released

Microsoft has released the following update rollup for Exchange Server 2007:

  • Update Rollup 1 for Exchange Server 2007 SP2 (971534)

If you’re running Exchange Server 2007 SP2, you need to apply Update Rollup 1 for Exchange 2007 SP1 to address the security issues listed below.

Remember, you only need to download the latest update for the version of Exchange that you’re running. RTM updates can’t be installed on SP2 and vice versa.

Here is a list of the fixes included in rollup 1:

  1. 941775 An error message occurs when you run the “Isinteg” command on a newly created Exchange 2007 database
  2. 958617 E-mail messages are blocked at the local delivery queue in an Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2 environment if a user has Outlook client-side rules totaling more than 32 kilobytes (KB)
  3. 961856 The logon page does not display the “This is a private computer” option correctly in the Greek version of Outlook Web Access
  4. 967174 The User account is not logged in Event ID 566 after the user makes changes to a mailbox
  5. 969046 E-mail messages are queued when you use the DNS round robin feature on multiple Exchange Server 2007 hub servers
  6. 969487 The Public Folder Hierarchy replication fails and event error 3079 and 9669 occur in Exchange Server 2007
  7. 969606 Recurring appointments in the calendar public folder are not replicated correctly in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
  8. 970104 When you install an Exchange Server 2007 update rollup by using a user account that has no Exchange Server Administrator permissions, the installation program fails
  9. 970118 The IMAP4 service crashes, and then event error 4999 occurs on a computer that is running Exchange Server 2007
  10. 970893 E-mail addresses are created incorrectly if an e-mail address policy in Exchange Server 2007 contains certain symbols, a slash or a backslash, and then another of these symbols
  11. 971010 Some databases intermittently do not come back online when a cluster failover occurs in an Exchange Server 2007 CCR environment
  12. 971053 The Edgetransport.exe program intermittently crashes on Exchange Server 2007
  13. 971431 The IMAP service crashes and event error 4999 occurs on a computer that is running Exchange Server 2007
  14. 971641 After you synchronize your mobile device to work with an Exchange Server 2007 server, the synchronization time and the request time are shown in UTC
  15. 971857 The storage limit does not affect the managed custom folder if you copy messages into this folder by using Outlook Web Access (OWA)
  16. 972009 E-mail messages cannot be retrieved by an Exchange Web Service (EWS)-based application if there are invalid control characters in the text body of the e-mail message
  17. 972103 The Microsoft Exchange Information Store service crashes during move-mailbox operations and event error 4999 occurs in Exchange Server 2007
  18. 972115 A transport rule is not applied to MDNs in Exchange Server 2007
  19. 972172 The “Display sender’s name on messages” option in the Exchange Management Console of Exchange Server 2007 does not work for Message Delivery Notifications (MDNs) that are to remote domains
  20. 972269 The Store.exe process hangs intermittently and all clients accessing the server are blocked in an Exchange 2007 environment
  21. 972272 A new download method is available for HTTP offline address books on Exchange Server 2007 servers that has the Client Access Server role installed
  22. 972278 Update of Private status in a meeting request is not reflected in an Exchange Server 2007 environment
  23. 972357 You cannot view a clear-signed e-mail message in Exchange Server 2007 SP2 when you open the message by using a non-MAPI client
  24. 972426 Error message when you save a filter as default in the Exchange Management Console (EMC) and then restart the EMC: “The search filter is invalid”
  25. 972473 Outlook Web Access (OWA) removes the Calendar items for a recurring meeting when you delete the meeting request from the Deleted items folder in Exchange Server 2007
  26. 972514 Event ID 4011 is logged when you query free/busy data for external contacts in Exchange Server 2007
  27. 973190 The wrong attendee is removed in Scheduling Assistant when you remove attendees from a meeting request in Outlook Web Access server light version
  28. 973253 Message delivery times are stamped with the current date and time when Exchange Server 2007 users submit messages by using an IMAP4 client and the APPEND command
  29. 973293 The Edge Transport server’s transport process fails during an e-mail address rewrite on an Exchange Server 2007 server
  30. 973307 An application that uses Exchange Web Services returns an exception on an Exchange Server 2007 server
  31. 973361 Hidden messages in an Exchange Server 2007 mailbox can be downloaded by any IMAP4 client
  32. 973490 Error message in Exchange Management Shell in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 when you run the “New-DynamicDistributionGroup” command: “You must provide a value expression on the right-hand side of the ‘-and’ operator.”
  33. 973761 When an Exchange Server 2007 user sends a meeting request to external recipients with the Reminder turned off, the default 15 minute Reminder pop-up window still appears
  34. 973868 A delegate cannot cancel meetings in the organizer’s calendar by using Exchange Web Service (EWS)
  35. 973912 Error message when an Exchange 2007 user clicks “Post” or “Send” to submit a new post item or to submit a new calendar item for a moderated public folder in OWA: “The item that you attempted to access no longer exists”
  36. 974010 Recipients cannot see the attendee entry for Domino Room resource after an Exchange Server 2007 user sends a meeting request that includes a Domino room resource to the recipient
  37. 974242 The abbreviation sequence is incorrect when an Outlook Web Access Light user checks the calendar in Weekly view after the user sets the language to “Basque” in Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2
  38. 974640 The whole calendar view is broken and an error message is returned when you view an exception occurrence of a private recurring meeting in OWA

Download the rollup here. It is also available on Microsoft Update.

Installation Notes:

If you haven’t installed Exchange Server yet, you can use the info at Quicker Exchange installs complete with service packs and rollups to save you some time.

Microsoft Update can’t detect rollups for Exchange 2010 servers that are members of a Database Availability Group (DAG). See the post Installing Exchange 2010 Rollups on DAG Servers for info, and a script, for installing update rollups.

Update Rollups should be applied to Internet facing Client Access Servers before being installed on non-Internet facing Client Access Servers.

If you’re installing the update rollup on Exchange servers that don’t have Internet access, see “Installing Exchange 2007 & 2010 rollups on servers that don’t have Internet access” for some additional steps.

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