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New Rollups for Exchange 2007 Released

July 8th, 2008 No comments

Microsoft has released the following update rollups for Exchange Server 2007:

The above update rollups will also be released to Microsoft update, but there is no ETA at this time.

Fixes for security issue

A security issue has been identified in Exchange Server 2007 as documented in

If you’re running Exchange Server 2007 RTM, you need to apply Update Rollup 7 for Exchange 2007 RTM to address the security issue.

If you’re running Exchange Server 2007 SP1, you need to apply Update Rollup 3 for Exchange 2007 SP1 to address the security issue.

Remember, you only need to download the latest update for the version of Exchange that you’re running. RTM updates can’t be installed on SP1 and vice versa.

Update: Here is a list of the fixes included in rollup 3:

  1. 937436 Error message when an Exchange 2007-based user sends a meeting request to a resource that is located in a Lotus Domino resource reservation database: “Error autoprocessing message
  2. 941770 How to disable the “Sent by Microsoft Exchange Server 2007” branding sentence in an Exchange Server 2007 DSN message
  3. 945453 You cannot log on to Outlook Web Access in an Exchange Server 2007 environment, and you receive an error message: “HTTP Error 403.4
  4. 947573 It takes a long time for the Exchange Management Console to load in an Exchange Server 2007 organization that was deployed in a multiple-domain environment
  5. 949206 The e-mail address of a contact does not appear in the Outlook Address Book after you use Exchange Web Services to edit the contact in Exchange Server 2007 with Service Pack 1
  6. 949549 Error message when you import a .pst file by running the Import-Mailbox cmdlet in Exchange Server 2007: “Unable to make connection to the server
  7. 949778 The icons that represent TIFF attachments may not be shown correctly if the e-mail message is viewed by using Outlook Web Access 2007 in an Exchange Server 2007 environment
  8. 950153 A storage group may not mount after you move the resources from the active node to the passive node while the backup is in progress in Exchange Server 2007
  9. 950674 Web services sends meeting request information that has an incorrect time if a delegate modifies an appointment in an Exchange Server 2007 environment
  10. 951263 The heading of the “State” column is translated incorrectly in the German version of the Exchange Management Console in Exchange Server 2007
  11. 951293 Error message when you enter logon credentials after an Outlook Web Access session times out in Exchange Server 2007: “Server Error in ‘/ExchWeb/bin’ Application
  12. 953539 The W3wp.exe process may intermittently stop responding, and event ID 1000 is logged in Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1
  13. 950120 You cannot control the behavior of attachments on mobile devices by using the ActiveSync policy in Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1
  14. 951094 You cannot run the New-X400AuthoritativeDomain cmdlet successfully in an Exchange Server 2007 environment if an X.400 address contains a space character
  15. 953747 MS08-039: Vulnerabilities in Outlook Web Access for Exchange Server could allow elevation of privilege
  16. 950930 You cannot resolve a sender name or a recipient name when the name belongs to an alternative domain tree in Exchange Server 2007
  17. 950758 OVA announces “Unrecognized caller” in an Exchange Server 2007 environment even though Outlook and Outlook Web Access correctly resolve the caller address
  18. 951563 External e-mail message senders receive an NDR when you select the Turkish language setting on a computer that is running Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1

Also, several people have had problems installing rollup 3. Make sure when you install it, you use an account with appropriate rights. It’s a good idea to use the account used when Exchange was installed. In some instances, if the account you’re using doesn’t have sufficient rights, the rollup might still say it installed completely, and the logs may even verify this. But it might not be the case. updateowa.ps1 needs local admin rights and at least the rights to read the AD down to the Exchange Object level. servicecontrol.ps1  needs to query the AD to discover the roles installed on the server. Reinstalling this rollup with the correct account generally resolved the problem. Thanks to Scott Schnoll for notifying us of this.

Installation Notes:

If you haven’t installed Exchange Server yet, you can use the info at Quicker Exchange installs complete with service packs and rollups to save you some time.

Microsoft Update can’t detect rollups for Exchange 2010 servers that are members of a Database Availability Group (DAG). See the post Installing Exchange 2010 Rollups on DAG Servers for info, and a script, for installing update rollups.

Update Rollups should be applied to Internet facing Client Access Servers before being installed on non-Internet facing Client Access Servers.

If you’re installing the update rollup on Exchange servers that don’t have Internet access, see “Installing Exchange 2007 & 2010 rollups on servers that don’t have Internet access” for some additional steps.