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Changelog: QoS Calculator

This is the changelog page for QoS Calculator. You will find a complete list of released versions, their dates, and the features and issues addressed in each. Please refer to the script’s main page for more information including download links, installation details, and more.

v1.7 – 02/28/2017

  1. Fixed a typo on the Registry Edge tab. The line that sets “Do not use NLA” had a typo. It mistakenly said “No not use NLA”.

v1.6 – 12-19-2016

  1. Minor tweak to PowerShell code for servers.
  2. Fixed an issue with some rows not being hidden or becoming visible on the PowerShell-GPO tab. Thanks to @GreigInSydney for pointing it out.
  3. Fixed an issue where changing the server audio DSCP value on the Input tab would not get reflected on the Registry-Edge tab
  4. Added Server Audio and Server App Sharing config to the Registry-Edge tab. Thanks to Brad for pointing it out.
  5. Fixed an issue where the wrong video ports could be set for the Skype for Business client. Thanks to Tim for pointing it.

v1.5 – 11-04-2016

  1. Updated URLs to new website (although going to old URLs will auto redirect to new ones)
  2. Fixed a couple of missing references to Skype for Business in the GPO code. No functionality change – just visual.
  3. Fixed an issue where deselecting some check boxes would hide the wrong line or no line on the PowerShell-GPO tab. Thanks to @GreigInSydney for pointing these out.
  4. Fixed an issue where changing the server audio port for Edge servers didn’t update the “Registry-Edge” tab code. Thanks to @GreigInSydney for pointing these out.
  5. Fixed an issue where deselecting all client policies would still output code for a client GPO (albeit empty)

v1.4 – 09-13-2016

  1. Fixed an issue with PowerShell code throwing an error when attempting to configure the registry on Edge servers.
  2. Fixed an issue where selecting/deselecting certain check boxes didn’t show/hide all of the related lines in the PowerShell-GPO worksheet.
  3. Added the executable name for VDI clients running Citrix HDX RealTime Optimization Pack 2.0 – Thanks to Ari for the info.

v1.3 – 04-26-2016

  1. Now generates the PowerShell code to create GPO for domain joined edge servers
  2. Now generates the PowerShell code to create local security policy for non-domain joined edge servers
  3. Now generates the PowerShell code to create GPO for Exchange UM
  4. Fixed issue with first trusted application port not processing correctly
  5. Disabled the UserConfiguration branch of GPOs for faster evaluation/processing
  6. Added buttons to copy policy code, config code, etc.
  7. Clarified polices required between Edge & Exchange UM based on executable info from Tony Smith @ Microsoft.
  8. Corrected Exchange UM DSCP value to match client audio value – was mistakenly set to match client video value. Thanks to @bricomp.
  9. Fixed two typos on PowerShell-Server tab in the verification code column. Thanks to @UCMadeEasy for pointing them out.
  10. Updated some naming to include both Lync and Skype for Business names”

v1.2 – 2-27-2015

  1. “PowerShell code for creating and configuring GPOs has been added. Note that since edge servers are not joined, GPOs have no effect on them. You must create the edge policies manually using the Local Security Policy on each edge server.
  2. SDN control port value (which is 9333 by default) can now be included, and a button checks to make sure the entered port is not within the defined port ranges.
  3. Up to 3 trusted app ports can also be defined, with the same button verifying there is no conflict. Examples of trusted apps include sefautil (port 7489).”

v1.1 – 01-26-2015

  1. Fixed server app sharing end port calculation. It was incorrectly showing an end port that was 1 higher than the correct amount.
  2. Moved edge server port definitions to destination instead of source
  3. Added fields to define trusted app ports, and SDN port. This will be used in the future to ensure there is no conflict in port assignments.
  4. Added configuration verification commands to PowerShell tab
  5. Fixed typo in PowerShell code for mediation server. Thanks to Andy.

v1.0 – 11-05-2014

  1. Initial version
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