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Changelog: New-CsClonedPolicy.ps1

This is the changelog for New-CsClonedPolicy.ps1. You will find a complete list of released versions, their dates, and the features and issues addressed in each. Please refer to the script’s main page for more information including download links, installation details, and more.

v1.3 – 02-03-2017

  1. Minor code tweaks around defining site level policies
  2. Updated domain name info
  3. Updated disclaimer
  4. Updated the description of the cloned policy to be a little more informative
  5. Updated comment help
  6. Added new update method
  7. Added logging

v1.2 – 06-10-2014

  1. Fixed issue with source policies that have spaces in the name

v1.1 – 02-08-2014

  1. cleanup of param block per best practices
  2. cleanup of comment help per best practices
  3. swapped out “Write-Host” with “Write-Output” per best practices

v1.0 – 09-03-2013

  1. Original version
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