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Update Rollup 2 (UR2) for Exchange Server 2010 Released

Microsoft has released the following update rollup for Exchange Server 2010:

  • Update Rollup 2 for Exchange Server 2010 (979611)

If you’re running Exchange Server 2010, you need to apply Update Rollup 2 for Exchange 2010 to address the issues listed below.

Remember, you only need to download the latest update for the version of Exchange that you’re running.

Here is a list of the fixes included in update rollup 2:

  1. 977633 Certain third-party IMAP4 clients cannot connect to Exchange Server 2003 mailboxes through an Exchange Server 2010 CAS server
  2. 979480 Users cannot receive new messages if they access mailboxes that are moved to another Exchange Server 2010 RU1 server by using IMAP4 clients
  3. 979431 The POP3 service crashes when a user connects to a mailbox through the POP3 protocol and the user is migrated from an Exchange Server 2003 server to an Exchange Server 2010 server
  4. 979563 Exchange Server 2010 Push Notifications does not work
  5. 980261 This fix introduces the supports for Exchange Server 2010 page patching when a “-1022” disk I/O error is generated
  6. 980262 Event ID 2156 is logged on a computer that is running Exchange Server 2010
  7. 979566 A 0x85010014 error is generated when linked mailbox users try to synchronize their mailboxes with mobile devices in a CAS-CAS proxying scenario in Exchange Server 2010

Download the rollup here.

Installation Notes:

If you haven’t installed Exchange Server yet, you can use the info at Quicker Exchange installs complete with service packs and rollups to save you some time.

Microsoft Update can’t detect rollups for Exchange 2010 servers that are members of a Database Availability Group (DAG). See the post Installing Exchange 2010 Rollups on DAG Servers for info, and a script, for installing update rollups.

Update Rollups should be applied to Internet facing Client Access Servers before being installed on non-Internet facing Client Access Servers.

If you’re installing the update rollup on Exchange servers that don’t have Internet access, see “Installing Exchange 2007 & 2010 rollups on servers that don’t have Internet access” for some additional steps.

Also, the installer and Add/Remove Programs text is only in English – even when being installed on non-English systems.

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