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Exchange 2007 SCW files and Windows Server 2008 SP2

A while back, I wrote a series at Daniel Petri’s site about Security Configuration Wizard (SCW) and Exchange 2007. The series talks about importing the files in order for the SCW to be Exchange ‘aware’. Those files, which reside in the \scripts folder, are:

  1. Exchange2007.xml
  2. Exchange2007_WinSrv2008.xml
  3. Exchange2007Edge.xml
  4. Exchange2007Edge_WinSrv2008.xml

Since that time, Microsoft has released Windows Server 2008 SP2. The SCW files that are included with Exchange won’t install on Windows Server 2008 SP2 due to a hard coded prerequisite check.

If you’re going to import the SCW files in Windows Server 2008, open each one that ends in ‘_WinSrv2008.xml’ and look for the 2nd line – which looks like this:

<SCWKBRegistrationInfo OSMajorVersion="6" OSMinorVersion="0" ServicePackMajorVersion="1" ServicePackMinorVersion="0">

Change the ServicePackMajorVersion value to “2” instead of “1”. Save the file, and you should be able to import the file using the info in my original value. Microsoft is aware of this, and working on resolving the issue.

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